Condemnation of Walz Executive Order 23-03

I strongly stand against Governor Walz with his executive order 23-03 which bypasses the legislative process and makes transgender healthcare the law of the land and makes Minnesota a sanctuary state for transgendering of children. This is effectively the “transgender child kidnapping” executive order. Walz is also criminally declaring he doesn’t have to follow Minnesota law as it relates to subpoena, extradition, or judgement agreements with other states when it comes to parents in other states illegally coming to Minnesota to put their child through harmful transgender “healthcare”.

He is attempting to make the spirit of HF146 law by executive order.

He is lawless and breaking Article 3 of the Minnesota Constitution – separation of powers. He is lawless and doing this in the name of licentious transgender “rights”. He is harming children. He has broken his oath to the Constitution. He should be removed from office.

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